About Nick

Nick Myles was born in Surrey, went to univeristy in Lancaster, and landed in London in 1994. He has worked in television since 2000, currently as listings editor for Channel 4.


People have said these nice things about his theatre work:


"Absolutely mesmerising" Access London


"***** The highlight of the evening" Remote Goat


"Myles' words shine..." The Upcoming


"**** Wonderfully judged... witty and provocative" Everything Theatre


"Fantastic work... a tour de force!" Rikki Beadle-Blair


"**** Marvellous writing... warm and affecting" Grumpy Gay Critic


"Very tender, very truthful" Fresh Off The Stalls


"It's dead good; effortlessly running the gamut from touching to sadistic" London City Nights


"A thing of wonder, and a moment to savour" Everything Theatre


"Sensitive and funny" Amelia Bullmore


"Uncomfortable for some..." Views From The Gods


"Stunning." David Bottomley, Brockley Theatre

H I DD E N B e L L

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